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Free UK mainland shipping above £25 | Free gift on orders above £60.

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“The elegance of science and the natural world inspires our minimalist philosophy – we seek to provide the greatest benefit with the fewest possible extracts. This means every Olverum product contains only the essentials.”

Our Mission

Olverum believe we all have the right to look, feel, and function at our best.

Our mission is to improve our customers’ lives, by enhancing health, lifting mood, energising the mind, and boosting body confidence. Olverum’s award-winning range of professional spa-standard self-care rituals embody our ambition. Whether it’s an everyday oil for dry skin, an intensive massage treatment, or a somniferous pillow spray to aid restful sleep, from sunrise to nightfall, we work to restore your essential you. 

This commitment to natural wellness is the very foundation of Olverum. After all, our founders didn’t set out to start a business. Their original vision was simple but ambitious – to create the world’s finest therapeutic oil, without regard to cost or complexity. 

Their aim was simply to enable their friends and family to experience the very best of the natural wellness therapies that had made their own lives better, by making them feel better. The oils used in the original Olverum Bath Oil were expensive, but truly priceless was the knowledge and skill required to balance them to provide both supreme wellbeing benefits and the intoxicating fragrance profile of a fine perfume. 

Every subsequent Olverum formulation adheres to this same credo, with the wellness of our customers at the centre of every new concept. Each ingredient is meticulously selected to ensure optimal beneficial effects, both individually and in synergy, and an ultimate sensation of indulgence.  

Olverum combine scientific expertise, a commitment to natural wellbeing, environmental responsibility, and a superior knowledge of natural extracts to create sumptuous and effective treatments for your body, mind, and soul. 

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The Science of Natural Wellbeing

Our work remains driven by a genuine curiosity and passion for our craft. This makes our research and development process both hugely rewarding and highly labour-intensive. The development of every Olverum product begins with a singular desire – the effect we want a new formulation to have on your body, soul or space. From here, we work to perfect the formula that will make this a reality – whether that’s to pamper your skin, relieve tension, revive your spirit, or improve sleep quality.

Although the Kleins were at the vanguard of the era, advances in science have, of course, allowed us to aim higher. We carefully study data to find extracts which have unique properties, effective synergies, or that have been sourced from exceptional environments. From the first blueprint, we also incorporate the science of aromachology, the study of how scent affects the brain’s limbic system and can thereby influence mood and emotions.

Whether we want a formula to sharpen the mind or ease stress, this gives us evidence-based guidance on how a potential extract performs. This signature attention to detail ensures that the complex, luxurious fragrance of each Olverum product supports the effects we want it to have for your body and mind.

The elegance of science and the natural world also inspires our minimalist philosophy – we seek to provide the greatest benefit with the fewest possible extracts. As development progresses, we eliminate any element that can be sacrificed without any resulting loss in a treatment’s quality, efficacy, or character. This means every Olverum product contains only the essentials.

We insist on using only natural botanical and mineral actives, particularly those that work in harmony with the body. This means all Olverum products are vegan and cruelty-free, free from artificial preservatives, fragrance and colourants, silicone, petrolatum, sulphates, pthalates, parabens, triclosan and animal-derived ingredients.

Having first sprung from spa culture, we’re also keenly aware of the ways in which Olverum can enhance traditional wellness therapies such as hot baths and massage – and vice versa. Rather than relying on artificial alternative ingredients, the Olverum range supports non-invasive treatments, as evidenced by our naturally exfoliating Body Polish, or our Facial Oil, which is amplified by traditional gua sha and shiatsu massage techniques.

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Our Commitment to Sustainability

Sustainable production is also crucial to our philosophy of green wellness. Our creative legacy encourages us to scour the globe for ingredients which both suit our exacting purposes and uphold our belief in ethical production practices.

We’re conscious that production of some botanical extracts requires a huge amount of plant matter, and work to ensure our ingredients are sourced responsibly and without contributing to environmental degradation. Some species, such as Hawaiian Frankincense, have been exploited to the point of extinction. We therefore ensure the Frankincense contained in our Body Oils is produced from renewable sources.

Furthermore, many of our constituents, including the Raspberry Seed Oil used in Olverum Body Oil and the Papaya Enzyme in our Body Polish, are upcycled from food byproducts. And where we have the opportunity, we partner with local organisations and NGOs to support initiatives to maintain and protect regional ecosystems. As an example, the Dead Sea Salts and Kalahari Desert Salt found in Olverum Bath Salts are harvested through natural processes from renewable sources, and working with suppliers who support local educational, entrepreneurial, and environmental projects.

Wherever possible, our packaging is produced from recycled paper, glass, and plastics, and in the few cases where this is not currently possible, we strive to find recyclable alternatives with which to replace them. 

Of course, doing things this way pushes up our costs, but also means we have confidence that we’re producing a unique, effective product that we’re proud to stand behind.