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Your Best Body Health: The Firming Ritual

Your Best Body Health: The Firming Ritual

At-home, real results, performance body treatments. Establish simple, effective habits of self-care; love the body that keeps you going. 

Resilient, supple, healthy glowing skin is the goal here. This is not about size, we believe that your wellbeing is the objective and feeling confident creates that enigmatic, illusive radiance that comes from deep within, a sense of empowerment, body connection, acceptance and a control over how life affects your skin.

As we move through life, our skin becomes less elastic, the collagen-rich plumpness becomes a little less ready to “snap back”, there are signs of a life well-lived. Environmental and lifestyle aggressors such as UV exposure, diet, alcohol, pollution as well as the biological impact of hormonal fluctuation through key life experiences, all play a significant, inevitable role in inflammation and skin stress that depletes resilience to damage. This can have a fundamental impact on our ability to replenish vital proteins, maintain skin barrier function and balance hydration.

As the barrier becomes increasingly vulnerable; collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid (the foundations of skin’s structural integrity) show the signs of damage and fragility. Dehydration, uneven skin texture, loss of tone, density, inflammation and hyperpigmentation become visible.

Super Naturals

In the shifting landscape of today’s world, we are looking for the performance and authenticity of a spa experiences at home, rewarding rituals of self-investment. Mother Nature has given us an extraordinary palette of potent, therapeutic resources to create solutions to the effects of modern living.

As pioneers in botanical beauty and aromacology since 1931, we have harnessed this raw power and, with scientific modernisation, curated unique complexes to showcase the regenerative powers of natural actives, embracing both established wisdom and modern thinking throughout our body firming ritual to deliver extraordinary results and a connected approach to skin health.

Stage 1: Buff & Polish

A key step in skin revitalisation is regular exfoliation. 

The accumulation of sluggish dead skin cells and daily congestion, clutter the skin causing uneven texture, loss of radiance and congestion, not to mention the impact on absorbency skin rejuvenating ingredients.

By stimulating the micro-circulation of the skin through massage and exfoliation, it encourages improved flow of nutrients, boosts the natural lymphatic drainage of toxin build up and enables fresh skin cells to reach the protective barrier, to bolster protection from daily wear and tear.

Our Body Polish is both decadent and simple in effortless harmony.

Our unique complex of ingredients and deliciously mousse-like texture, embodies a professional, skin-kind approach to optimise massage while minimising micro-tearing from surface stimulation.

Papaya Enzyme is a non-physical fruit extract rich in papain, an enzyme that dissolves surface dead skin cells, dirt and makeup that cling and congest the skin. Performing in a similar way to AHAs to leave skin brighter, giving space for fresh new skin cells to rise to the surface.

Bamboo and Pumice intensify the resurfacing results, gently polishing the surface of the skin allowing the deep cleansing penetration of Hydroclay to draw toxins from the pores.

Grapefruit Oil was discovered in a clinical study in 2002, to activate the sympathetic nervous system. Shown to suppress appetite and demonstrate a significant disruption of fat cell accumulation, this uplifting and stimulating oil helps, through topical application, to support a more firm, supple skin tone and help boost elasticity.

Stage 2: Sculpt & Tone

With skin perfectly primed for nourishment, continue the surface stimulation with a complex of scientifically proven botanical actives to help sculpt, tone, firm, energise and strengthen skin with our Firming Body Oil.

Massaging with this cushioned oil, helps encourage cellular mobility, healthy skin cell turnover and enhanced oxygenation to deliver that illusive healthy glow.

Layering the clinical benefits of Grapefruit Oil and Papaya Enzyme, this deeply restorative treatment also targets the support of collagen integrity within the skin.

A synergistic partnership of Paracress and Algae Extract addresses the degradation and depletion of collagen by reducing the enzymes that breakdown collagen and elastin, helping reorganise and tighten collagen fibres to support a more toned, supple appearance.

Stage 3: Smooth & Firm

Completing this simple, powerful home treatment protocol; our Firming Body Moisturiser is feather-light and easily absorbed, with enough slip to glide effortless, enabling effective massage application.

The layering of bioactive Papaya Enzyme and Algae Extract, helps intensify the effects of revitalisation. Augmented by Crowberry Extrac, this polyphenol rich berry, dark in colour and rich in anthocyanins (a powerful form of antioxidant, classic of dark purple foods) helps suppress the damage to collagen integrity caused by oxidative stress. Research shows that antioxidant protection helps support the natural reparative process.


Nourishing your body, moving your hands across your skin in a patterned, rhythmic way and seeing the restorative power of rehydration, exfoliation and rejuvenation in skin becoming more supple and luminous, helps inner confidence return. That is true wellbeing.

We have partnered with respected Spa and Wellness industry expert Fiona Brackenbury who brings a wealth of practical experience, to curate a simple range of application techniques. The protocol is based on the stimulating the circulatory benefits of massage to boost the efficacy of the powerful complex of potent active naturals and boost the tonicity of your skin through continued use.

Concentrating on the key 5 areas that show the signs of loss of tone: upper arms, shoulders and décolleté, stomach, hips and upper thigh; this simple guide to positioning, pressure and placement of hands, helps build a regular ritual to boost skin health and optimise the power of the product to transform the texture of skin.

Body Firming Ritual

The last word:

Like a workout for your skin. Grant yourself the few moments to nurture your body confidence and support your skin through the challenges of day to day.