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Serotonin and Skin: Neurotransmitters causing havoc with your skin?

29 Jan 2024

Explore how stress affects skin health and self-esteem, and discover ways to enhance both in our latest blog.

#Wellness #Beauty

Embracing Flexible Intentions: A Mindful Guide to New Year's Goal Setting

05 Jan 2024

Discover the art of setting flexible intentions over rigid resolutions for a mindful New Year's goal setting approach.

A restorative and nourishing night’s sleep is only a breathe away...

17 Oct 2023 Breathwork and Cold Water Therapy Expert, Anne Marie Gough, has joined forces with Olverum once more, this time to bring you a mini-series of breathwork rituals for sleep.

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Empowering Sleep: Navigating Menopause with Better Sleep Habits

22 Sep 2023 Navigate menopause with better sleep. Learn spa-inspired rituals, essential oils, and science-backed solutions for restorative slumber.

…and breathe. Skin health through facial pressure release

13 Jul 2023

Facial massage helps relieve tension and restore radiance, soothing jaw discomfort and eye strain from hormonal shifts and digital fatigue.

Beyond the mat. How scent can help boost your Yoga time

20 Jun 2023

Yoga and scent work in harmony to align mind and body, using breathwork to aid strength, clarity and positivity to enter a calm, meditative state.

Tapping: silencing the critical voice and remembering your power

26 May 2023

EFT Tapping is a tool of resilience to help reframe anxiety, PTSD and stress; creating a context of self-acceptance. Sarah Tobin, founder of Tapping for Mums; works with you to establish techniques and rituals to control negativity and reactivity.

Strength in your own skin

18 May 2023

Movement, strength: A body for life

26 Apr 2023 Our lives have become increasingly sedentary and driven by stress and pressure. Nathalie Clough, Founder of Lifebody maintains that Pilates is a foundation, it is something that remains steady and adaptable to your need. When everything else seems in flux – the repetition and habit offers a return to centre.

Daily Habits of Self-Reflection: Restoring Your Essential YOU.

28 Feb 2023

Mindful habits of self-reflection help order your thoughts and affect positive change.

The goal is to rise with gratitude and rejuvenation, rest with gratitude and reflection and restore your essential you.

Breathwork For Bathing

02 Feb 2023 The Ultimate Bathing Ritual with Anna Gough - Breathwork and Cold Water Therapy Specialist.  

Take a breath. Properly.

26 Jan 2023

Daily Habits of Self-Reflection: Restoring Your Essential YOU.

True self-reconnection is as much in the preparation as the action itself. Give permission to yourself to find stillness.

We are working with Breathwork Therapist Anna Gough to support your wellbeing with practical and insightful techniques.

Facing Up to Festive Burnout

15 Dec 2022

Festive burnout is a real threat to starting your new year with a refreshed, positive mind-set.

It is very easy to feel flat at the end of the festivities.

We are here to help remind you of yourself.

Hormones, Happiness & Health – a Brief Guide for Women

07 Oct 2022

90 Years: Pioneering Philosophy, the science of scent

28 Sep 2022

For 90 years, we’ve created with principle, passion and the pursuit of excellence.

We transcend function, we are part of your armoury to tackle life’s challenges.

Our heritage - your wellbeing.

Essential Oils: The delicate powerhouse of relaxing scent

10 Aug 2022

Understanding and exploring the extraordinary power of scent is a science. Understanding connections between scent and reactivity through stimulation of the Limbic System within the brain.

Essential Oils and Pregnancy: Sniffing out the facts and making scents of it all

21 Jun 2022 Rest and mind-space are crucial to improving the stress of motherhood. Our honest approach to finding ways to use essential oils to through a healthy pregnancy and beyond. 

The power of breath and creating a state of calm

16 Feb 2022

Learn how to create a state of calm through the power of breath. Dive into how you can activate and control your nervous system to enjoy the benefits.